Cost: $345.00

This 4 week class focuses on all aspects of group auditions. We have found that some of the most challenging and popular auditions for commercial actors revolve around working with other people. Whether it’s a restaurant/bar scene, an intimate or emotional couple scene or a silly and physical group dance off – you will inevitably be asked to audition with other actors at some point! This class shows you what it takes to collaborate with others and still shine through.

Material will be chosen specially for you by AHC Casting Directors so that you are working with copy that you would actually be called in for. By the end of this 4 week class you will not only feel more comfortable auditioning for these types of commercials, but you will know how to make memorable and smart choices in a group setting.

Classes are only open to actors with current representation or if you do not have representation you have already taken AHC’s level 1 class.

If you have already taken the AHC Advanced Audition Technique A class – you are able to take this class at a discounted rate of $300. Please note what month you took class in the “How did you hear about us?” section.